Warranty - Disclaimer

If material defects or manufacturing faults should arise in a product distributed or manufactured by JSP Group Intl BVBA, and purchased by a consumer, we JSP Group Intl BVBA acknowledge the obligation to correct those faults or defects within the limitations described below. This manufacturers warranty is in addition to, and does not affect, the legal or contractual rights of the consumer which arise from the purchase of such products. JSP Group Intl BVBA guarantees the consumer that its products are free from material, manufacturing, and construction faults, as determined by the general state of knowledge and technology valid at the time of manufacturing. The fault responsible for causing the damage must be proven to have been present in the product at this time. Claims for compensation arising from consequential damage or product liability will not be considered valid unless they fall under premptory provisions of the law. If material defects or manufacturing faults should arise in a product distributed or manufactured by JSP Group Intl BVBA in the European community (EC) and purchased by a consumer, then JSP Group Intl BVBA undertakes to correct those defects within the limitations described below. This manufacturer’s declaration does not affect the consumer’s legal or contractual rights regarding defects arising from the purchase contract between the consumer and the dealer or reseller.

Extend of the Warranty
If a claim is made under warranty, we take at our discretion to repair or replace the defective goods. We will not consider supplementary claims, especially for reimbursement of costs relating to the defect (e;g. installation / removal costs) and compensation for consequent damages unless they are allowed by statute. This does not affect claims on legal regulations, especially according to the product liability law.

Provisions of the Warranty
The purchaser is required to make the warranty claim in writing, and must enclose original proof of purchase (e.g. invoice, receipt, delivery note) and the appropriate warranty card. He must send the defective goods to our local representatives or directly to JSP Group Intl BVBA, Geelseweg 80, 2250 Olen, Belgium at his own risk and cost.
The purchaser should state the material defect or manufacturing fault, or symptons of the fault, as accurate as possible, so that we can check if our warranty obligation is applicable. The goods are transported from the consumer to us, and from us to the consumer, entirely at the risk and cost of the consumer.

Invalidation of the Warranty
The consumer cannot make a claim under warranty when the fault is affecting the use of the product arising from natural wear, competition use, or improper use (including installation) or external forces. The consumer’s adherence to the building and operating instructions relevant to the model, including the installation, operation, use of, and maintenance of, model-related components cannot be supervised by JSP Group Intl BVBA. Therefore JSP Group Intl BVBA is in no way liable for loss, damage, or costs resulting from improper use, or behaviour in any way connected to the above described provisions. Unless otherwise required by law, JSP Group Intl BVBA is in no way whatever liable to provide compensation for damages arising from the improper use of the model (including personal injury, death, damage to buildings, loss of turnover, loss of business, or interruption of business, or any other direct, or indirectly caused, consequential damage).

Duration of Validity
The claim period is 24 months from the date of purchase of the product by the consumer from a dealer in the European Community (EC) counted from the date of purchase. The claim period is 12 months from the date of purchase of the product by the consumer from a dealer outside the European Community (EC) counted from the date of purchase. If a defect arises after the end of the claim period, or if evidence or documents required according to this declaration in order to make the claim valid are not presented until after this period, then the consumer forfeits any rights or claims from this declaration. The guarantee period is not prolonged by the granting of any claims within the framework of this warranty, especially in the case of repair or replacement. The guarantee period also does not restart in such cases.

Warranty Expiration
If we do not acknowledge the validity of a claim based on this declaration within the claim period, all claims based on this declaration will expire after six months from the time of registering the claim; however this cannot occur prior to the end of the claim period.

Applicable Law
This declaration, and the claims, rights and obligations arising from it, are based exclusively on the pertinent Belgium Law, without the norms of international private law, and excluding UN retail law. Place of fulfilment for liabilities arising from this declaration is Olen, Belgium. Court of jurisdiction is Turnhout, Belgium.

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